Skin Consultation

After understanding your skin concerns and assessing your skin our Medical Aesthetician will prepare a personalised skincare regime using Dermatologist selected skincare products with clinically proven results.

We offer full Skin Care Consultations that offer a detailed assessment of your skin & your skins health. Our assessments are comprehensive and allow us to tailor specific regimes, treatments & care plans that will help improve your skins condition, reduce the signs of ageing & environmental damage and to help the overall aesthetic appearance of your skin.

Known as ‘The Skin Care Makeup’, the Jane Iredale range of products is so beneficial and safe to use, that plastic surgeons and dermatologists all over the world recommend it. Combining the most up-to-date colours with skin care benefits.

Jane Iredale products use a highly-sophisticated blend of minerals and pigments that are micro-pulverised – meaning that your skin is allowed to breathe and function normally whilst wearing the makeup, whilst being protected from air-borne pollutants. You’ll rarely need to touch-up during the day, due to the staying power of the minerals – plus, they won’t crease or smear!

Rochester House Clinic - Great Leighs, Essex

Why Jane Iredale

  • Non-comedogenic, so will not block pores
  • Have virtually no allergy risk
  • Have been sensitivity tested and are anti-inflammatory
  • Offer broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection – up to SPF 30
  • Is very water resistant
  • Offer complete coverage for skin conditions such as acne, redness and rosacea
  • Contain no talc or parabens and are composed of inert minerals that cannot support bacteria
  • Are not tested on animals

Frequent Questions

Jane Iredale’s makeup will last all day with no need for touch-ups

Each product is free of perfume, alcohol, chemical additives and artificial dyes, yet they all offer coverage that traditional makeup can only envy

The Treatment

  • Free Consultation
  • Treatment Time: 10-15 min

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