In our modern society the voice of the consumer is heard and here at Rochester House we pride ourselves on providing a personalised and professional service.  Gone are the days when doctors and nurses’ ‘told’  the patient what was best for them with little regard for the their thoughts and feelings.  Consultations have been studied by a variety of people over the years using different theoretical approaches, although they highlight many similar conclusions they also reflect a great variety.  At the clinic we allow time to discuss treatment options and are able to tailor procedures to suit your requirements.  Rachel and I get to know our clients and by establishing a good client practitioner relationship we are able to advise ongoing treatment and elements of these treatments that complement each other.  For example, treating  under arm sweating with botulinum toxin can be enhanced by laser hair removal or wrinkle relaxing injections combined with filler injections can give the client an excellent overall look.  We are a great team at Rochester House and this is reflected in our passion for aesthetic treatments.  Jeannie
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