Effects of diet on skin


LaserTreatmentGirl1A range of studies have been published during the past 10 years addressing the relationship between diet and the health of the skin. In 2001 a European study involving 24 women with diagnosed anorexia nervosa was conducted to determine whether cutaneous differences exist between restrictive and bulimic type disorders. In all patients, the most frequent skin manifestations were:

  • Dry skin (58.3%)
  • Hair effluvium (50%)
  • Nail changes (45.8%)
  • Cheilitis (41.6%)
  • Acne (41.6%)
  • Generalised pruritus (16.6%)
  • Hyperpigmentation (12.5%)

Poor wound healing (least frequent skin manifestation)An epidemiological study from 2005 found evidence suggesting a positive relationship between fat intake and basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squarmous cell carcinoma (SCC). There was an inconsistent association for retinol, a vitamin A derivative, B-carotene and BCC or SCC development. It is possible that, depending on the nature of the disease, in the case of some cancers, dietary factors may have more impact either in the early stages of the disease. Other studies have shown that supplementation with B-carotene can provide protection against skin damage from sunlight after a minimum of 10 weeks supplementation in the diet. Protection increased with each month of continued supplementation.
Author H A Epstien PhD – citied Prime Journal September 2011 p.47-51

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